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Behind Doriani's brand there are two generations of a very high quality level.

In the thirties the company created as first one, usually manufactured a very elegant kind of belts and strap. Also the Navy was a client of the company because was interested in the new invented belts and strap equipped with an anphibian container 100% water resistant very useful for smokers(e.g.).

The second generation built up the first company in Italy skilled in raincoats, coats, tailleurs for man and woman. The firm was equipped to distribute the goods through 24 owned stores in Northern Italy.

We were in the postwar period, the company's name was "STORM" and the firm was used to participate every year to a very important annual event called "FIERA CAMPIONARIA DI MILANO".

The first store in Milan was an atelier located in Via Manzoni in the center of the city with many floors and richly furnished for those times. The STORM's success was: a first class product and an absolutely new delivery formula: the monobrand chain of stores for the first time in Italy.
In the seventies the third generation created a new company's policy: they builded up the DORIANI's brand fully devoted to male elegance and to an high standard of custom.

Bucking the market trend jam-packed of fashion male brands inspired to the british style, DORIANI, fully italian, signed dress collections, shoes, neck ties, trousers and above all cashmere knit lines.

The vocation to the self made high quality knity, started to become the core business of the DORIANI's brand and still is the most important source of revenues.

The turning point has been the store in Via Sant'Andrea in the middle of the "quadrilatero della moda" of Milan, then in chronological order: the Forte dei Marmi store then the Santa Margherita one then the Milan store in front of the Four Seasons Hotel and last but not least the Portofino store.

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